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  • 主辦單位




    1 、請將長指甲剪去,防止誤傷自己及同學;

    2 、注意出門安全,一切以團隊為單位, 請不要離開您所在的小組單獨活動, 背包錢物要妥善保管;

    3 、聽從指揮,遵守時間,發揚團結協作精神。

    4 、如有困難請向老師要求幫助;您身體如有不適,請及時向衛生老師或者帶隊老師通報。


    •  賓館備有寬帶可免費上網。

    •  車請注意文明,勿扔零食垃圾,請準備垃圾袋。

    •  請家長配合準時接送學生,切勿遲到。


    1. To prevent the children of hurting themselves and each other, please cut the children's


    2. Pay Attention for your safety when going outside the door, always stay with the group, please don't leave your group, watch your bags and money carefully.

    3. Listen to the commands, respect the time schedule, and develop a group spirit.

    4. If you got any problems, please ask the teacher for help; if you don't feel well, please tell the hygiene teacher or your group teacher immediately.

    5. Play attention some articles in the hotel are being charged for, look at the price tag, don't use them unauthorized, if using without caution, you will have to pay for it yourself.

    Articles in the hotel which are free of charge: toothbrush, toothpaste, shower gel, shampoo, sope, one time use shaver, one time use shine shoe paper, one time use slippers, toiletpaper, lady's companion, tea bags. Towels, clothes-hanger, blankets, sheets, ashtray, can be used without any charge, but can't be taken home. If there will be articles missing, you will have to pay for them by yourself.

    6. The Hotel offers free Internet surfing.

    7. Please behave in the bus, don't leave your trash in the bus, prepare a trash bag.

    8. The parents should be punctual please, don't be late.

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